Abusement Park

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We went to an amusement park,
my family and I.
We rode on rides so scary
I expected I would die.

We rode a roller-coaster
called The Homicidal Comet.
It had so many loop-de-loops
it nearly made us vomit.

We rode The Crazed Tornado
and it jerked us hard and quick.
If it was any longer
we would certainly be sick.

We rode The Psycho Octopus,
which packed a nasty punch.
I think we’re pretty lucky
that we didn’t lose our lunch.

And last we rode repeatedly
The Flailing Tilt-a-Whirl,
It shook us all so sharply
I’m surprised we didn’t hurl.

I haven’t felt that nauseous,
since I can’t remember when.
I’m really looking forward
to the day we go again.

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