A Sweet Story

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A Sweet Story by Kenn Nesbitt

An alien landed outside on the lawn,
all slimy, and grimy, and green.
He showed up this morning exactly at dawn
in his alien flying machine.

He broke down our door and invaded our house,
exploring for something to eat.
He rummaged through cupboards and foraged through drawers
in search of a snack that was sweet.

He feasted on candies, and jellies, and jams.
He ate every cookie and cake.
He blended our ice cream with sugar and syrup,
and slurped it all down as a shake.

He gobbled our waffles and cinnamon rolls.
He guzzled our soda and juice.
He chewed up our chocolates and fed on our fudge.
He munched all our muffins and mousse.

And, when he was done eating all our desserts,
he wandered back out through the door
and left us with nothing else yummy to eat.
We might need to go to the store.