A Meloncholy Tale

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Helen Melon fell in love
with little Jerry Berry.
Still, the two were much too young
to run away and marry.

Helen said “We can’t elope;
we only met in spring.
Let us wait ’til autumn,
and I’ll wear your wedding ring.

Through the summer Helen grew;
she gained a lot of weight.
Jerry just grew sweeter
up until their wedding date.

“Honey, do you?” Jerry asked her.
“Yes I do!” she cried.
“Man and wife,” declared the preacher.
“You may kiss the bride.”

Everyone could plainly see
the pair were so in love.
Jerry looked up to his bride
as she leaned from above.

Just one kiss was all they shared;
now love is her excuse,
why Helen Melon’s widowed
and Jerry Berry’s juice.