My Legs Both Understand Me – Podcast Episode

This poem was a lot of fun for me to write because nearly every line can be taken either literally or figuratively. To say “My hair sticks up for me” may be literally true because my hair may be actually sticking up on top of my head. But if I were to understand it figuratively, it would mean my hair is taking my side, in an argument, for example.

I also had a theme for this poem. The challenge for me, as a writer, was to see if all of my double-meanings could have something to do with my body parts being positive and supportive of me.

As you read this poem, see if you can figure out both the literal and figurative meanings of each line.

My Legs Both Understand Me

My legs both understand me.
My shoulders have my back.
My arms are always on my side.
My feet know I’m on track.

My hands are both forgiving,
and help me seize the day.
My ears are awesome listeners.
My eyes see things my way.

My bottom is behind me.
My hair sticks up for me.
My fingers give me two thumbs up.
My smile won’t disagree.

My bones are so supportive.
My veins are all true-blue.
My legs both understand me.
I hope that you do too.

--Kenn Nesbitt