My Favorite Word is Floofy – Podcast Episode

I love the sound of language. I especially love funny words. In fact, I once wrote an entire poem called My Favorite Words to list all of the words in English that I think sound funny, including words like “fuddy-duddy” and “nincompoop.”

But you can also make up funny sounding words. In fact, I wrote a poem called Today I Decided to Make up a Word to see how many words I could invent, including words like “fraskle” and “squank.”

For this poem I decided to combine these two ideas and write about a made-up word that I think sound’s wonderfully funny. Feel free to use it any way you like.

My Favorite Word is Floofy

My favorite word is "floofy." 
It's such a floofy word.
In fact, I'd say that floofy
is the floofiest I've heard.

I use it when I'm floofing up,
or when I'm all floofed out.
Whenever I feel floofy-doof
I give a floofy shout!

I may not know what floofy means.
But -- floofy! -- that's okay.
I'm sure it's floofy floofy floof
to floof it anyway.

I know it might sound silly.
I know it might sound goofy.
But, still, there's not another word
that's floofier than floofy.

-- Kenn Nesbitt