Jake the Yo-Yo Maker


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I’m Jake, the yo-yo maker.
Making yo-yos is my thing.
It only takes a chunk of wood
and several feet of string.

To try to make sure every
single yo-yo is unique,
I make some from mohagany,
and turn some out in teak.

I fashion some from plastic,
and I build some out of brass.
I sculpt some out of stone,
or manufacture them from glass.

A scrap of quilted fabric here.
A shred of metal there.
I even made a yo-yo, once,
from purple underwear.

Then, when I’m done constructing them,
I sell them on the street.
I’d say that making yo-yos
is a job that can’t be beat.

It brings such joy and happiness;
I don’t see many frowns.
But, just like any other job,
it has it’s ups and downs.

–Kenn Nesbitt