Six Great Ideas for President’s Day Poems

George Washington

Presidents Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of the month every February in the USA. It marks the birthday of the first American President George Washington (which was actually on February 22nd, but we like to have our holidays on a Monday!)

In fact, that’s Great Idea Number One:

  • Write a poem called ‘I’d like to have a holiday on a Monday!’ Think about the annoying things about Mondays, and the awesome things about holidays. What do you normally do on a Monday? What could you do differently if it were a holiday?

Great Idea Number Two:

  • Imagine you’re sending a birthday card to George Washington. Write him a poem from the future about what the USA is like today. What would he be surprised about? What would he be pleased about?

The Third Great Idea:

  • Write a Happy Birthday poem. You could start with the Happy Birthday song, and change the words to fit the tune. There are lots of words that rhyme with ‘You’ – see how can you fit them into your poem.

‘Happy Birthday to you!
Let’s go to the zoo!
They’ve got a gorilla
And it’s his birthday too!’

Idea Number Four (still Great!):

  • Write a poem called ‘If I were the President…’ Would you be a good President or a bad one? What would you get up to? Think about how you could change the world (or how you could spend the money!). Read my poem “If I Were the Principal” for an example of the imaginative things you might be able to do if you were in charge. 

The Fifth Great Idea:

  • In the famous story, George Washington chopped his father’s Cherry Tree with a hatchet. Imagine all the mischievous things you might do and write a poem that owns up to them all. You can use the famous line ‘I cannot tell a lie’ as a refrain if you like!

The Sixth Great Idea (but not the last, because I’m sure you can think of loads more yourself!):

  • Choose your favorite President, and imagine what you would give him as a present if you could pick anything in the universe. Write a poem about it! You can make this sensible or silly, it’s up to you.

If you have your own Great Ideas for Presidents Poems, why not share them with me? I’d love to hear your ideas and read your President’s Day poems. Happy writing!