New Book: The Elephant Repairman

The Elephant Repairman by Kenn Nesbitt

If your elephant is broken
and she needs a quick repair,
call the elephant repairman
and he’ll instantly be there…

Hi friends and readers! I’m very excited to tell you that my newest book, The Elephant Repairman, will be coming out next month in both hardcover and ebook editions.

Like my previous books The Armpit of DoomThe Biggest Burp Ever, My Cat Knows Karate, and My Dog Likes to Disco, The Elephant Repairman contains 70 hilarious new poems. This laugh-out-loud collection includes poems about tyrannosaurus teachers, cats on computers, supersonic sloths, preposterous pirates, and much, much more.

Along with 50 wacky illustrations by Rafael Domingos, The Elephant Repairman contains many of the most popular poems I have ever written, including “Computer Cat,” “Our Magic Toilet,” “AstroCow,” “Please Don’t Prank Your Parents,” and many others.

Order your ebook copy now! The Kindle Edition of The Elephant Repairman is available for pre-order now from The hardcover edition will be available to purchase on September 13, 2022.

I promise you’re going to love this book. But don’t just take my word for it. Read what others are already saying about The Elephant Repairman, or download a free sample PDF here.


The Elephant Repairman has a poem for every reader, just waiting to be discovered. If you want to offer your favorite child some smart fun, don’t hesitate to buy any of Kenn’s books. This one is a stellar place to start!
(Children’s Writer Kelly Milner Halls, author of Tales of the Cryptids, Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide, In Search of Sasquatch, Alien Investigation, Ghostly Evidence and more.)

A wonderfully witty collection of zappy, zany poem – I enjoyed it immensely, and you will too!
(Joshua Seigal, author of I Bet I Can Make You Laugh)

Kenn Nesbitt is the world’s funniest children’s poet, and The Elephant Repairman is his funniest book yet. Every poem in the book is hilarious, and their fabulous rhymes and rollicking rhythms make them a joy to read out loud.
(Robert Schechter, children’s poet and author of The Red Ear Blows Its Nose)