New Book: My Dog Likes to Disco!

My Dog Likes to Disco by Kenn Nesbitt

My dog likes to disco
on TikTok for fun.
He’d rather start dancing
than go for a run…

Hi friends and readers! I have spent the past three years working on this, and I can finally tell you… I have a brand new book coming out next week, and it’s going to be called My Dog Likes to Disco!

Like my previous books The Armpit of DoomThe Biggest Burp Ever, and My Cat Knows KarateMy Dog Likes to Disco contains 70 new funny poems about disco-dancing dogs, invisible kids, misbehaving phones, preposterous people, and much, much more.

Along with 50 wacky illustrations by Rafael Domingos, this new book includes many of the most popular poems I have ever written, including “I Made a Meme this Morning,” “My Flat Cat,” and “Our Dog’s Name is Roomba.”

The Kindle Edition of My Dog Likes to Disco is available for pre-order from Amazon now. The hardcover edition will be available to purchase on March 30, 2021.