Introducing “The Elephant Repairman” – Now in Paperback!

The Elephant Repairman by Kenn Nesbitt

Hey there, dear readers, parents, and teachers!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of the paperback edition of The Elephant Repairman, my latest collection of hilarious poems!

The Elephant Repairman is jam-packed with 70 delightful poems that will have kids (and even their parents and teachers) giggling and laughing out loud.

In this book, you’ll find magical toilets, tyrannosaurus teachers, supersonic sloths, pranks to play on parents, and much, much more. Each poem is full of whimsical rhythms, lively rhymes, and priceless punchlines that keep kids coming back for more.

The Elephant Repairman is perfect for reading aloud during family time, as well as for teachers to share with their students in the classroom. It’s a fantastic way to spark kids’ imaginations and encourage their love for reading and poetry.

You can now get your hands on a copy of The Elephant Repairman in its brand-new paperback edition on Amazon right now, and soon at your favorite local bookseller. Don’t miss out on this fun new collection that is sure to keep you laughing!

Happy reading!