An Assortment of Short Poems

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by Gelett Burgess

My Feet They Haul Me Round the House by Gelett Burgess

My Feet they haul me ’round the House;
They hoist me up the Stairs;
I only have to steer them and
They ride me everywheres.

I'd Never Dare to Walk Across by Gelett Burgess

I’d never dare to walk across
A Bridge I could not see,
For quite afraid of falling off
I fear that I should be!

There Is a Theory Some Deny by Gelett Burgess

There is a Theory some deny,
That Lamp Posts once were three foot high,
And a Little Boy was terrible strong,
And he stretched ’em out to ’leven foot long!

I Picked Some Leaves from off a Tree by Gelett Burgess

I picked some Leaves from off a Tree,
And then I nearly Fainted:
For somehow it Astonished me
To find they’d All been Painted!

My House Is Made of Graham Bread by Gelett Burgess

My House is made of Graham Bread,
Except the ceiling ’s made of White;
Of Angel Cake I make my Bed;
I eat my Pillow every night!

I’d rather have Fingers than Toes;

I’d rather have Ears than a Nose;

And as for my Hair,
I’m glad it’s all there,

I’ll be awfully sad when it goes!